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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cole Slaw

Cole Slaw is an obvious choice when you have cabbage on hand. I tend to make it a lot in the spring when there is still plenty of cabbage available but we are feeling more salad-y.

Grate cabbage & add one or two of the following -
grated carrots, apple, beets, broccoli ...

To this add a slosh of vinegar right away & allow the veggies absorb, any yummy vinegar will do, but dark vinegars like balsamic may make strange coloured slaw. You could also use citrus juice or a combination or the leftover juice from a jar of pickles. The veggies should not be swimming in vinegar, just dampened.

Next dressing. We use homemade mayo, but it's fine to use mayo from the store. (Home made mayo recipe in next post). In a prep bowl mix mayo, a big tsp or more of mustard &/or horseradish & a bit more of your vinegar. Also add salt & pepper to taste. Mix this together & add to cabbage mix. Once this is mixed you may adjust the texture of the slaw by adding a bit more mayo or vinegar. My son likes cole slaw creamy while my daughter prefers it super vinegar-y, so this is a tricky balance at my house. You could also skip the mayo altogether & use an oil & vinegar dressing. This is very nice with sesame oil.

Finally, add a garnish. I like toasted sunflower seeds or walnuts. Chopped dill pickles are also nice or simply some finely chopped herbs.

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