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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stinging Nettles

They can be steamed the same as spinach or beet greens or swiss chard.

Josh really loves adding a bit of vinegar to his. He does this with most greens and with fiddleheads too. A bit of butter and vinegar. The amount of vinegar he adds depends on how much he likes the flavour of the greens.

I love them all without the vinegar.



  1. Glad to hear someone else likes vinegar on their greens! My family always had butter, vinegar and salt on all greens - guess the only thing left in that list for some of us is vinegar!

  2. When I was in Ireland I had a great nettle pie - filo pastry, ricotta and nettles. There's a recipe here http://www.wealdentimes.co.uk/food&drink/free-food/wt82-stinging-nettles.asp which I'm going to try...


  3. Query about the recipe for nettle soup this week: What the heck does "rub soup through a sieve" mean? Is this more violent than straining but not as bad as putting through the blender???

    While we are on the subject of soup: I made a Spicy Indian Carrot soup with ginger the other day and it totally rocked. I think I got the recipe from a link or from Linda's blog somehow. The site was Epicurious.


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